Upcoming Car Shows

The pandemic still has the world in a tight grip. Large events such as trade fairs are affected more than ever. Many organizations of car shows had hoped for a comeback this year after a bad year in 2020. But even in the second half of 2021, major events seem more uncertain than ever.

The only car shows that took place after the inclined CES in 2020 were the Chicago Car Show and the two Chinese events in Beijing and Guangzhou. In the USA, not only the trade fairs in New York were canceled, but also the North American Car Show in Detroit, which first moved to June and wanted to wipe the winter dust off its shoulder boards with a summer event. It didn’t look any better for the two European events in Paris in autumn and Geneva in spring. The Geneva Show was barely hit by the pandemic. The organizers had definitely wanted to go through with the fair; Knowing that a complete failure due to the tense situation could mean the end of the show at the Palexpo exhibition.

Car Shows


What About The Other Global Shows Where Cars Play A Role?

It can be assumed that the Tokyo Motorshow, with its two-year process, will retain its importance due to the strong domestic car industry and will also take place at the end of 2021. The situation is similar for the less traditional car show in Seoul, which is of great importance in the Asian state; globally but just like the Delhi Motorshow dances in the third row. But it is not yet certain whether the Seoul Car Show 2021 can take place in April as currently planned. It can be assumed that some of the car shows cannot take place this year and that one or the other will completely disappear from the schedule from 2022.

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Despite the international pandemic and the associated financial crisis, Auto Shanghai will take place in 2021. Even if the local audience will be predominantly there, car manufacturers from all over the world will present their innovations in the Chinese financial state. Regardless of whether it is about future production vehicles or just feasibility studies and concept cars, the manufacturers are demonstrating all their strengths to show the world what the future of the cars will look like.


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