Fastest Street Legal Cars

The category of the fastest street legal cars in the world is highly exclusive and the cars that play in it are an impossible dream for average earners. The fast car business is therefore very lucrative for manufacturers: some of their customers are willing to spend millions on their new toys. What they want seems simple: as much horsepower as possible! The following applies: the faster and more expensive, the better. But are the cars with the most horsepower under the bonnet also the fastest?


Tuned Ford GT From M2K

Up to 2,500 hp. Industry specialists suspect that as an almost immense performance for the Ford GT. The tuning of M2K from Texas would be one of the most blatant results of an increase in performance. Whether the performance is that high or somewhere below or above – the top speed of 483 km / h is very impressive anyway. The GT should even keep its road approval. This is also speculation, special tires were definitely used in the record race two years ago. It is just as certain that protection is required at these speeds – also for the paint on the bullet. So the Ford was wrapped in vinyl foil. Regular paint could be sandblasted, so to speak.


Hennessey Venom F5

For a long time, the fastest car in the world was created by the US manufacturer Hennessey. The Venom F5 is not the most powerful among the sports cars, but its 1,600 HP under the hood, paired with a torque of 1,760 Nm, is enough for first place in the ranking of the fastest cars in the world.

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With these unimaginable values, it only takes 14 seconds to reach a speed of 300 km / h. The Venom F5 has a lot more desire and only stops at 485 km / h with its insane acceleration. The currently fastest car in the world costs over 1.3 million dollars.

SSC Tuatara

The name of this model will probably also sound unfamiliar to you. According to the manufacturing company, there is only one reason why the car was built – it should be the fastest. Incidentally, it owes its name to the New Zealand bridge lizard. An empty weight of only 1,250 kg should help to drive the Tuatara to top performance. In order to bring the car to this weight, not only parts of the body and chassis were made of carbon fiber, but also the rims. In the two runs on a public, closed-off road, it reached a unique speed of 532 km / h. Since the value results from two runs in opposite directions, it does not count as the top speed achieved. Over the two journeys, the high-flyer of Shelby Supercars with 1,750 hp reaches a top speed of 508 km / h


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