What Are The Trend Luxury Shoes For Men In 2021?

We took a look around and put together the most important trends in men’s luxury shoes for you. Take a look at our luxury selection and be inspired! Maybe your new favorite shoe is also included.


Ugly Sandals

The trend towards the supposedly ugly shoe is spreading. Ugly sandals are those that we actually associate with tourists in bad outfits. Also known as outdoor sandals or hiking ones, this shoe delights its wearer with the highest level of relaxation, but causes emotional pain in aesthetes who look at it. Thick sole with a profile, shaped footbed, wide straps, large buckles, velcro fasteners – these are the real Ugly sandals. The sandals by Birkenstock and Camper are considered the trend shoes for 2021.

Trend Lace-Up Boots

Sturdy lace-up boots have already brought us safely through the winter. But the lace-up trend will stay with us all year round in 2021. Whether solid mountain boots from Moncler, iconics from Timberland or the lighter versions of Red Wing Shoes: lace-up boots are definitely in our list of must-have men’s luxury shoes for 2021.

Luxury Shoes

Futuristic Sneaker

In the past few years, trend-conscious men have opted for ugly sneaker in 2021 and the futuristic sneaker will come – which are a further development of the aforementioned. The thicker the sole, the more colorful the color combination and the more cubist the style, the more trendy the sneaker. Right at the top of the popularity scale: the models from Nike and Balenciaga.

Classic Sneakers

Sneaker – there is no other shoe that we grab as often and as happily as we do with a sneaker. So it’s no wonder that the top men’s trend shoes for 2021 are also sneakers. This year our favorites are clearly the classic ones with a clean style. Whether the legendary Stan Smith from Adidas or the luxury style from Gucci: Classic sneakers are clearly the favorites for fashion lovers in 2021. The timeless icons fit easy with everything and can be worn all year round.

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