What Is The Most Expensive Hennessy

For 250 years now, the French brand Hennessy has stood for excellence, expertise and technology. To celebrate the handover to the next years, the company is presenting the Hennessy 8, limited to pieces and worth thousands of dollars. This is probably the most luxury cognac in the world. Long and complex manufacturing and maturing procedures also ensure that the value of the items can increase notably the longer they are made. Collector’s values and bottles that are no longer available on the open field are out of the question. Because they often have to rest forever and be checked frequently before they can be enjoyed. The often very excellent, detailed and innovational staging of the brandies is therefore well deserved.


Hennessy Beaute du Siècle Cognac

This pompous treasure box from Hennessy contains a Baccarat bottle. Beauté du Siècle is one of the most expensive drinks in the world, although the element of the box certainly makes a not inconsiderable contribution to the overall price. The course is 220,000 dollars.


The French manufacturer Hennessy will soon be launching a cognac bottle with a carafe – at a bargain price of only 150,000 euros. The edition “Beauté du Siècle” is above all a work of art with a bottle in it, says the company press chief. And as is well known, art has its price – but that shouldn’t deter the well-heeled buyers. The company has already sold some of the 100 bottles, according to the press.

Exclusive Bottles

Hennessy’s bottle is not the first exclusive edition, but it is the most expensive to date. The bottle was adorned with a 4.75 carat diamond. Grapes from all growing areas were used for the production, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and so on. In the nose it presents itself fruity and a bit like oak. You can also smell some apples and the alcohol quite clearly. In the mouth, the Hennessy is very sharp right at the beginning and notes of raisins and plums give way very quickly to the intense taste, which is somewhat reminiscent of disinfectants. The finish is long-lasting, but after a while quite bitter.

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