Where to buying gold in Dubai

Gold jewellery for kids

When it comes to gold jewellery for kids, people may have concerns about how safe is it. Will it cause any skin irritation or undesirable effects?

In fact, gold is a metal that is skin-friendly, especially in its pure form, which is 24k. However, it is hard to find jewellery in 24k as 100% pure gold is very soft when it comes to jewellery. The gold will have other metals added to it, so it will be easy to form jewellery that is durable.

Therefore, when it comes to kids, parents should look for the closest karat to pure gold, which is 22, 21 & 18k. In the Arab world, the famous karat is 21k, which refers to sometimes as Arab gold. It has 87.5% pure gold with other metals such as silver, copper and palladium. Silver is also a safe metal for kids, and the proportion of these metals are not more than 12.5.

Saying this makes 21k gold a safe metal for children use.

The other main issue to look for when buying gold for kids is the place where you will buy gold jewellery for your daughter.

Pure gold is Dubai’s speciality which makes buying gold in Dubai is a winning case. There are many gold shops in Dubai that are reliable and trustworthy. Al Romaizan, for example, is a good gold shop to buy gold from. It is one of the popular and well-known gold shops in the GCC area, with over 200 branches in four countries.

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They have been in the gold & jewellery business for almost seven decades, and year by year, they build a solid client base. Due to their commitment to excellence in everything they do, and their creativity, they created an excellent image for themselves.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy the first gold earrings for your daughter from Al Romaizan, as their gold is pure, and their designs are remarkable. Also, they have an excellent collection for kids. You buy a gold bracelet or a gold hairclip, among other options.

Above all, Al Romaizan will assist you on how to take care of the gold jewellery you buy from them, and they provide yearly maintenance or a checkup service to keep your gold jewellery as new as the day you bought it.


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