Expensive Pregnancy Gifts Ideas

Although pregnancy is a happy and beautiful event for most women, there is nothing wrong with sweetening their time. The pregnant sister is just as happy about small gifts or special gifts as her friend. The following expensive gift ideas are particularly suitable for enjoying the upcoming days, weeks or months even more intensively. Getting pregnant is something very special, after all, the female body changes every day during pregnancy. As a mother, you can experience up close for a complete nine months how your child develops from embryo to infant within you. But what can you do to make your pregnant daughter, sister, friend, relative or acquaintance happy? What could be a great luxury gift idea for new moms? With the gifts for pregnant women selection, we give you deep insights into the world of gifts and mothers and creates a colorful varied gift list for pregnant women. From useful pregnancy gifts, gift ideas for expectant mothers or birth gifts for babies and toddlers, everything is included. The question: “What do you give pregnant women?” can therefore be answered in no time, because here you will surely find what you are looking for!


Special Cards

Cards for pregnancy are experiencing a special trend. They are lovingly created and make it possible to create a creative and private memory for individual moments of pregnancy.

The Baby Watcher

The BabyWatcher is an excellent gift for a maternity party. With him you can see not only the expectant mother, but also her baby. This device is available for rent and is less of an item gift and more of an unforgettable moment.

Expensive Pregnancy Gifts Ideas
Expensive Pregnancy Gifts Ideas

Care Oil and Relaxation Bath

Relaxation and care are a pleasant companion during pregnancy. It can be a relaxing bath or a loving body massage. The heat ensures that stress is released and switched off, while the massage provides closeness and tenderness.

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The Boomer Box

The Boomer Box is a great highlight for pregnant women because it is filled with many suitable items. Such a box can either be given away as a subscription box or remain a one-off gift. Regardless of what you choose – the high-quality pregnancy increase the well-being of the pregnant woman and accompany her through the exciting and beautiful time.


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