How To Create A Luxury Dining Room?

The place to eat is more than just a place to eat. This is where you come together, exchange opinions and stay together for a long time. Whether it’s your own dining room or a place in the living room Here are some luxury dining room ideas.


A Strong Light Defines The Dining Area In The Room

A free standing table often looks a bit lost, especially in large rooms. The secret with the lamp helps here: a beautiful, expressive hanging lamp that hangs not too high in the middle above the table serves as an anchor point and marks the dining area in the room – with its distinctive shape during the day, with its warm light cone in the evening. By the way, it also works in smaller rooms!

Luxury Dining Room

Wood Is An Easy Care All-Rounder

The traces that show over the years make wooden tables and chairs real companions. The fashion is oak that is robust and ages beautifully. Glass or stone have a cool look and feel. Glass looks very light due to its transparency. Natural stone is very beautiful and makes every table unique.

The Table and Chair Are Important, But So Are Textiles

Upholstered chairs or those with seat cushions, table linen, curtains or a carpet under the dining table not only provide more luxury. With textiles, however, you can improve the acoustics in a room in no time and thus lively table discussions.

A Carpet Makes The Dining Area Cozy

If the living room and luxury dining room share a room, the different zones are usually determined by the floor covering: the sofa and armchair are grouped around a fluffy carpet, the dining table is on a smooth floor. In large furnished rooms in particular, it has proven to be a good opportunity to turn the tables: a colorful carpet summarizes the dining area, makes it more homely and gives it a defined place in the room. The carpet must be easy to care for. Flat woven carpets are suitable; materials made from fibers are even more resistant.

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The New Elegance At The Dining Area

You not only eat or work at your dining table but also enjoy a long drink with friends from time to time? Then set up your dining area like a bar with an exclusive lounge. Dark brown wood, fine leather, wickerwork, brass, velvet or soft wool can be mixed with gray tones of wall paint.


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