Most Affordable SUV

Driving a SUV without paying a fortune? This works out! There are many models in the price segment up to 20,000 dollars, some of which cost less than 15,000 dollars in the base. The models range from coupes to small cars. The smaller SUV representatives offer all the advantages of their category, but are only around 4.50 m long.

This Is How The Cost Of The Car Was Calculated

The cheapest model of the respective series was included in the top list. For some models, the workshop costs are based on empirical values. In the case of electric cars, the state subsidy of up to 9,000 dollars is included in the calculation, whereas the respective price range is used as a basis. With an individually negotiated discount with burners, they can do better.

In the cost comparison, the following were taken into account: loss of value without interest, expenses for oil changes, inspections as well as wear parts and costs for tire replacement. Fuel and oil refill costs as well as the current fuel prices.

Seat Arona: New SUV Under 20,000 Dollars

As the smallest SUV of the Seat brand, the model offers all the advantages of this vehicle. This includes a slightly higher and more upright seating position than in closely related Ibiza, good all-round visibility and a lot of space for this small-class. Even four adults can cope with the only 4.14 m long vehicle. Unlike many other SUVs, the Seat Arona is sporty and tightly tuned. That makes it the great city runabout and one of the most perfect small SUVs for people.

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Ford Kuga: As A Car For Less Than 20,000 Dollars

Shortly before the model change to the third generation, Ford Kugas are available at a tempting price. The German based company is one of the larger compact SUVs on the market. A good amount of space is a matter of course. There is ample freedom of movement in the front. And the angle of the backrests can be varied for adequate comfort on the back seat. In terms of trunk, the Kuga with 455 to 1,650 lt, is not one of the greatest SUVs, but overall it is a successful model.


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