Most Expensive Laptop In The World

Why should you buy a laptop for over 10.000 dollars? Today’s most expensive laptops are really steep. Why? And who needs them? Let’s tell you. Top of the most expensive laptops, none under 5000 dollars!

In recent years we’ve seen laptop manufacturers try all sorts of systems. In some cases they have come to create laptops even heavier than a desktop PC, including a carrying case with some of them. Therefore, here will be the craziest laptops presented in the last few years over 5,000 dollars.

The top prices of the high-end are currently around 3,000 and up to 5,000 dollars, for laptops with 4K displays and NVIDIA GeForce   as the top of what we find in laptops. Laptops with 3090 do not exist because there is no format for laptops and customizing a desktop is almost impossible due to its excessive consumption.


MacBook Pro 16

It’s a classic, but that’s it Apple doesn’t stop increasing the price of its laptops. Currently it is possible to make different developments of 16 inch MacBook Pro and its core processors.

Acer Predator 21X

If there’s one laptop that wins the craziest of the decade award, it’s the Acer Predator 21. This laptop was so heavy that it came with its own carrying case. Inside, it was equipped with a 7th generation core, 64 GB , mechanical keyboard, speakers with subwoofer and weighed almost 9 kilograms. The screen featured a curved panorama. The price is more than 10.000 dollars.

Most Expensive Laptop In The World
Most Expensive Laptop In The World

The MacBook Air Supreme Platinum

As you can see, Apple features quite frequently in this list – which shouldn’t surprise anyone, since the customers are generally more well-heeled and are happy to pay more. But if you feel comfortable in the Apple devices, then you shouldn’t be without a laptop that you can use to do your various business adequately while you’re on the go. The MacBook Air Supreme Platinum would be suitable for this. The case is made of platinum and therefore weighs an impressive 7 kg. In addition, there are only five of them on the entire planet. It doesn’t matter that the Macbook Air is up to date from the recent years. At a price of around 380,000 dollars, that’s probably a minor matter.

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