The Most 5 Expensive Things In The World

Gold, luxury real estate – anyone who wants to spend money has many opportunities. But some things are so expensive that they are included in the list of the most expensive items in the world. We would like to introduce you to a few sweethearts that have achieved top prices.

Not for bargain hunters: Those who want the most expensive things in the world have to dig deep into their pockets. Because it’s really about dizzying sums of money. We list the most expensive 5 things in the world according to categories.


Time Is Money

There are many expensive watches. Perhaps the most expensive is the World Time men’s watch from the Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe. It was made in 1939 and sold for four million dollars at an auction in 2002.

Gold Plated Shoes

These shoes with the melodious name vintage rose are probably the most price shoes in the world. Shoe designer Weitzmann has embellished the golden high heels with two diamond roses. The roses consist of over 1,800 diamonds, each 100 carats. With a value of one million dollars, however, the shoes are more something than your own shoe closet.



They not only beautify the world of the rich and beautiful as jewelry, they are also used in research. One gram can cost up to 50,000 dollars.

The Most Expensive Smartphone

The world’s most expensive smartphone costs 32.5 million dollars. And it can’t even fly. It is the Falcon Nova iPhone 6. The most expensive variant of this cell phone costs 48.5 million dollars. Although technically, it cannot do more than any other iPhone 6 that is on the market. The price does not come from the technology, but from the material used, such as the numerous diamonds and precious elements. So it’s more of an expensive piece of jewelry than a revolution.

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Billionaire House

The most price house in the world is in one of the poorest cities in India. The Antilia in Mumbai is the home of a billionaire and costs around 750 million dollars. The skyscraper has 27 floors and a living space of 37,000 meter square, which is larger than many palaces around the world.


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