The Most Expensive Paintings In The World

No other collector’s item fetches such high prices as paintings by well-known ones. Hundreds of millions are spent on artworks by the well known artists. These are some of the most valuable works of art in the world.


Woman III by Willem de Kooning

Willem de Kooning’s 1953 painting was sold by Geffen to A. Cohen approximately fifteen years ago for 137.5 million. The artworks Woman, Woman II and Woman as Landscape by Willem de Kooing..Woman III is an abstract expressionist painting, created in a series of related portraits of women. Willem de Kooning was a Dutch, since the 60’s American painter. He was one of the most important representatives of abstract expressionism and is considered an important artist of action painting.

Three Studies of Lucien Freud Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucien Freud dates from 1969. Almost 10 years ago, the artworks went to an unknown buyer for 140.5 million. The auction took place at Christie’s. The triptych was painted in London in 1969. There Bacon had a studio large enough to be able to work on three adjacent canvases at the same time. The three panels of the triptych were sold individually in the mid-70s.


Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th-century painting Salvator Mundi was sold to bin Salman 5 years ago for 450 millions through Christie’s auction. It is therefore privately owned. Salvator Mundi means savior of the world. Measuring 65.6 by 45.5, the painting is painted with oils on a walnut panel. It shows Christ as Savior of the world in a frontal view, who has raised his right hand in a blessing gesture and is holding a ball in his left.

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Nu Couché by Amedeo Modigliani

The painting Nu couché is painted by Modigliani. The Italian painter completed it in 1917. A collector from Asia bought the painting for a whopping 170 million. It shows a nude woman reclining in an interior space on a dark red sofa and a blue cushion, in the tradition of Urbino. It was painted in oil in 1917 and is 92 cm wide and 60 cm high. The face of the long stretched out young woman with her almond-shaped eyes, bare breasts and shame is turned to the viewer. However, her eyes are closed. The painting has been in the Long Museum in Chongqing.

Nafea Faa Ipoipo

In 1891,Gauguin made his first trip to Tahiti, beginning his lifelong love affair with the island and its women. A year later he painted this famous painting in the post-impressionist manner. The oil painting shows two young women seated in a beautifully colored landscape of blue, green and gold. Nafea Faa Ipoipo? was sold at a private auction in 7 years ago for around 300 millions. At the time, it was the most expensive painting in the world, along with de Kooning’s Interchange. It has never been confirmed to whom the painting was sold, but many people believe it was bought by an Arab family.


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